Un ringraziamento inaspettato…

Ho ricevuto ieri un inatteso ringraziamento dagli USA da parte di una persona che è stata aiutata da un mio articolo scientifico, scritto tempo fa, riguardante alcuni possibili effetti collaterali della stimolazione midollare.

“Hi Marco,
My sincere thanks for your research. My wife has been suffering from chronic pain since having her coccyx removed 5-years ago. She had a Nevro stimulator inserted 3-years ago. This was initially helpful, however its benefit seems to have diminished.

For the past year, she has been suffering from increasingly severe gastro-intestinal pain and dysfunction, with specialists unable to find a cause. Your research was a huge help in pointing to a potential cause for this issue. We have subsequently switched-off the Nevro device and her gastrological symptoms are gradually diminishing. This has made a huge difference to her life as she is gradually able to eat again and has reduced her pain medication.
Again, our sincere thanks for your research – you have made a big difference to our lives.
Regards, Tom Burton.”

Inutile dire quanto piacere faccia ricevere una manifestazione di stima e ringraziamento come questa….Thanks Tom..you make my day!!